Autumn’s colourful display


Scenic view on the trail to Kårsafallet

The summer season has gone. To fast. As usual. I call it the “summer season”, it was an epic year in terms of hikers, visitors and water levels. All high. But not though the temperatures. All low. The snow on the mountain tops persisted, until now where it’s joined by the coming winter’s first fresh snow. While Europe was sweating we rarely got 15 degrees. It did not feel like summer even though – on sunny days – it was a pleasure to enjoy the outdoors. In the second half of August we got something like summer. Warm, sunny days. So beautiful. So longed after. It feels tough to say it but we only managed to “jump” into the cold water once. It was in Norway. Into the North Sea. We traveled with the roadmap open, just following a road here, a fjord there or into blue because there was a little cabin symbol drawn on the map. Tent and DNT-key where always with us so we could stay wherever we felt it was best. We discovered the “end of the road” in endless seeming fjords and open norwegian fjell. We surrounded islands of islands and dicovered many beautiful spots.

Most of the days of summer we spend working and many days “babysitting”, carrying the little one up and down the mountains. She loves it. She even started to point at the backpack and refuses sitting in the pram. The backpack rocks. It gives a much better view I guess. And you are closer to mum or dad. We went to look for blueberries but found only small patches. By now the leaves turn goldenyellow and it is the most beautiful season of all. But nights bring frost and that diminishes the chances for berries.

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